Monday, April 27, 2009

Exciting news about Joe!

I know I am a horrible blogger, but I will try to work on it.

Some great news, my husband has lost 50lbs! :) I am so happy for him! He originally set this goal to lose 50lbs by the start of football season. But he was ahead of schedule, so he has set another one to lose another 50lbs by the start of football season.

Last weekend Joe and I went shopping @ JCPennies, this is where we normally buy Joe's shirts just because they do have a Big & Tall area (its small but they do have one) and plus they were having a sale! (I love sales!) So we got a size smaller in the shirts for Joe! (I know exciting but keep on reading there is more) We normally have to special order his jeans through King Size so, I started looking through the jeans that they had, I looked for the biggest size and had Joe try them on, he came out of the dressing room, and looked great he said they were not tight and he could probably go another size smaller! I am so happy for him that is 3 SIZES smaller than what he normally wore! :)

For me, I have dropped 4 pant sizes and 1-2 shirt sizes. My old pants are getting to big on me and the shirts are getting big on me also. We will probably need to buy more clothes in about 1-2 months which we are totally excited about. People at work are noticing which is awesome, I love to hear "Have you lost weight" and I am even more excited to tell them how much I have lost and hopes to get them motivated! :)

I will work on a post of what keeps me motivated and really what I am eating to try to help out any way I can!

As for the update on my weight loss, last week I lost 0.8lbs, so that makes my total 47.2lbs GONE FOREVER! and I am 18.9lbs away from my 2nd weight loss goal! :)
  • This past weekend was rough for me because I wanted to eat everything that I shouldn't eat. Its a good thing Joe was at the house because I probably would have. I just had the munchies REAL BAD! I hate feeling like that. But I did still lose weight so that is a GREAT THING! :)


Yaya said...

Wow!!! Good job you two! That is awesome!

I'll be waiting for your post on how you did it. I'm trying to lose 16 pounds.

Grand Pooba said...

Holy crap you're almost there! That is so cool! My husband recently lost 65 pounds and he is loving it! He has gone shopping by himself and brought home some new clothes.

Congrats to both of you!

Hey, have you lost weight?

.Keli. said...

That is awesome for both of you!!! Takes major willpower!!

I have a new blog address:

Mishel said...

You are both an inspiration to me! As soon as I'm off bedrest I am hitting the gym and walking like a crazy woman. Keep it up, you're almost to your goal!

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Yay for both of you! That is a wonderful achievement! I hope you lose the rest of it. You're both an inspiration.