Monday, February 9, 2009

The DAWGS "Hang Out"

My dog, Chloe, and my cousin's dog Holden, LOVE to go to the dog park. They beg us all of the time. Chloe wants me to call cousin Holden and ask if he wants to go to the "hang out" (I guess that is what they call it now days, crazy kids) This is the kids on the way to the "hang out"

Chloe looking pretty ready to go out and play with her other doggy friends...

Holden just can't wait to go, how much longer do we have to wait! (They always ask this the entire way to the park, they can barely hold their EXCITEMENT! However on the way home from the park is a different story HA!)

Chloe walking around seeing all of her friends...

Chloe running and playing...

Of course we need to pick up our poo's... (**TMI for the DOG** Funny thing about "poo's" my precious-precious-precious Chloe, has to go "POO" like 10X in an hour when we go to the park, she cracks me up, so when we walk around the park I always have around 10 poo-bags just in case she decides to have a "private" moment:)

In the winter, they shut the water off, so the owners bring in bottle water for the pups! Here are a lot of dogs just hanging out drinking some water, and starting to run off and play again, you can see short little Holden in there somewhere :)

And Holden... If you hear Holden's bark it is a "special" bark. He sounds like a SEAL, SERIOUSLY. Sometimes the children get this "wild hair" and start running around following each other all around the park, it is quite funny because usually when it happens almost all dogs join in, and they run EVERYWHERE. So this one time I had my camera and started videoing half way in to this little episode! You can hear Holden's bark he barks one time at the beginning and another time a few seconds in, LOL, his mama wanted him to stop barking because she didn't want him to embarrass himself! LOL!

Enjoy! (make sure you turn your volume up)


Ter said...

my dog would so love that!! But I'm afraid to let her loose!!

We went to a dog park a few times, but it wasn't set up with all that equipment.

mom2jaymie+arianna said...

Fun times! I wish there were something like that around here for my doggies!