Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

25 Random things about me
  1. I have a tattoo on my right ankle that I have had for about 8 years
  2. My family is loud and I really like it, we will have about 10 people at a table and have about 5 different conversations going all at the same time, its talent!
  3. While driving if I am sleepy, I will turn the radio up real loud and head bang a couple of times (or dance in my seat) than i will turn the air conditioner up than I will freeze and than I will turn the heater on when I am cold, And if I get really sleepy I will roll down the windows! (my husband hates this)
  4. I do not have any doors on my bedroom just a curtain (ghetto I know)
  5. I do not decorate very well, I admire people who know how to decorate
  6. I hate to clean
  7. My bff, (yes we still say BFF's but only towards each other) got mooned before.
  8. My bff and I forked/spooned/knifed someones yard before (and that person was in the house while we were doing this, we could have gotten caught!)
  9. #8's we spelled out a word that said SOMEONE WHO? The "someone" was the actual person's name!
  10. I have seen the movie Chicken Run like 10 times, 3x in a movie theater! (we lived in Duncan/Marlow not a whole lot to do on the weekend)
  11. My BFF and I still talk/laugh about #7-10 all of the time! I mean we laugh until we cry.
  12. I get my hair done every 6-8 weeks, I have only really had 2 hair dressers!
  13. My wedding was 4 different colors, at that time, my favorite color wasn't "in", and the year after my wedding the color ORANGE was everywhere, I'd like to think I started its come back.
  14. My nephew calls me LALA, have no idea where he got that from but I LOVE IT!
  15. I take a ton of pictures, even growing up, I have always had a camera by my side.
  16. I love big purses, the bigger the better!
  17. I want to have 2-4 children, some day, my husband and I better get busy! LOL
  18. I have changed my major so many times I don't even know what I am going to school for. (I think I finally figured it out)
  19. My husband and I can't have two dogs, the second dog either gets stolen or runs a way.
  20. My husband and I used to live in the ghetto, I AM SERIOUS, I have ran a crime tracker before and in a mile radius around my house 4 homicides, I am so glad we moved.
  21. I live 4 blocks from my cousin, and we also work together.
  22. When shopping @ Target and Crest, I have gotten accustomed to going in a routine a way we normally go around the store, Thanks to my cousin!
  23. I am not a good speller, so I Google a lot!
  24. I love my eyes.
  25. I prefer flip flops over any other shoe! I will even wear them in the snow!


He And Me + 3 said...

Crazy about driving when you are tired...
I am not a good speller either and I love flip flops, but not enough to wear them in the snow. It is only 30 degrees today. Brrrr and this is a warm front.

Grand Pooba said...

So was it you that mooned your bff? lol

And I so agree about flip flops, I love them!