Friday, January 30, 2009

Please Pray for LiL Miss E

LiL Miss E has been in the hospital since Tuesday of this week. She has RSV, running a temperature, and she isn't breathing right. As of today, she went a little lethargic, and they got everyone in her room and her oxygen levels started going up. Right now they are putting LiL Miss E and my sister (her mom) in an oxygen bubble so that hopefully my sister can hold her and LiL E can calm down and focus on breathing. If that doesn't work than we are going to transfer her to a childrens hospital.

So please pray for LiL E, she is only 2 months old.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Woo to the Hoo Wednesday

So Feather, and her group of blogger/twitter friends and I so want to be apart of their group so I hope by posting this I can be apart of their GROUP one day! :) *jk* has started this Woo to the Hoo Wednesday Theme.

How it works if you want to give KUDOS, to anyone/thing that you have came across of or just want to give a special SHOUT OUT, than this is the way to go!

So my Woo to the Hoo goes to, MOTHER NATURE!!

Mother Nature (MN) you get a big WOO TO THE HOO from me! :)

I HEART you mother nature for bringing snow/sleet/ice, and for closing schools so I can be off work! :)

I heart you MN for letting my dog play out in the sleet/snow today, she appreciates it!

I heart you MN for sleeting all day today so I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow!

I heart you MN for making sure that the air temp wouldn't go above freezing today so again I wouldn't have work tomorrow.

And lastly I heart you MN for making my work week only 2.5 days this week!
(do you see a trend HAHA)


*please note if the snow/sleet/ice has brought bad luck to anyone reading this I do not mean any harm by posting I heart MN, I am sorry if I offended anyone by posting I heart MN! Please note again, I MEAN NO HARM, THIS IS ONLY MEANT FOR FUN. PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME BECAUSE I HEART MOTHER NATURE!!*

So please go to Feather's Blog and find out more about the
Woo to the Hoo Wednesday's!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Session with J and LiL E

Lil E's first pictures! she is two months old here! You can tell she is going to be a red head! And as always she will take after ME because she knows I am her FAV AUNT! :)

I think this is another one of my FAVS!!!
So sweet and innocent! :)
J playing this lil piggy with Lil E's Fingers!!! so sweet!!!

J being silly!!!
AWW J is so cute in this picture!!!
AWW I love this picture!!

J giving me attitude!
AWW I heart both of them!!!

I like this one because Lil E's face is priceless, it looks like she is thinking HA I WILL PUNCH YOU AND THEY WILL THINK IT IS CUTE BECAUSE I AM CUTE! TAKE THAT! LOL

Lil E and her MOM, (my sister)
and of course I had to get a pic of E and me together! :) She is crying because she just saw her Aunt K, and she loves me the MOST! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

i ♥ faces JOY

Theme: J-O-Y

This is my niece (2 months) and nephew (4.5 years old).
I feel there is a joy between a brother and sister!

This is my photo for the i ♥ faces contest.
Please go there to their website for more information!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to you!!!!


Here are just a few of your favorite things for YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!

NKOTB (They are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY just for you!)

The Color Green



Dairy Queen

Taking Pictures

Jon Bon Jovi

Chris Daughtry


Knee High Socks

So I hope you have a great Birthday FEATHERLOVE YA!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


My husband and I went to Tennessee to visit his dad, step mom and brother the day after Christmas.


We heart GPS

One of the days while we were there, we went to Nashville, TN to the Grand Opry Mall, THAT MALL IS HUGE! It has a big/HUGE shoe store that I could get lost in *sigh*, oh how I heart that mall. However we were looking for a place to eat, we saw this place, Stingrays Reef! It was AWESOME!!! (Although I was a little afraid of the stingrays barbers getting me but other than that it was fun!) So here are some pictures… Enjoy!
Stingray pic one


Proper Stingray Feeding Technique

Bobby (Jo's Brother)


me and Stingrays

Me & Jo w/Stingrays

Bobby & Jo (brothers)

Me & Jo in front of some fishes...

Some neat fishes


Brothers, I guess they are "discussing the fish" HA!

Me taking pictures while the brothers are "pondering"