Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I was little I remember...(part 2)

I would set up a fort in my living room, behind the couch.

And this iswhat I needed to build my fort...
  1. A big flat sheet
  2. books (so the flat sheet would not fall down
  3. All of your stuffed animals from your room
  4. A box fan
  5. dinning room table chair
  6. Blanket to put on the carpet
  7. Tunes :)

So I manivored the flat sheet to stay on the back of the couch by stuffing it down into some cushions, and the couch was infront of the fire place so I put the other side of the sheet on the fireplace and put books on it so it wouldn't fall down. (are you still with me) After this I would grab a chair from the dinning room and put it at one opening of my "fort" and place the box fan on it and turn the fan on.... Now I have something going on. My fort is now being held up (or some what held up) with the air coming from the box fan. (You don't have to tell me I already knew I was a very smart and creative kid)

So I grabbed a blanket and placed it on the floor because it was my "carpet". And now I am off to my room to grab all of my stuffed animals, before my mom knew what I was doing. I hurried and placed them under my fort. After that, I grab a radio and put a cassett tape in (that I took from my sisters room but she doesn't have any idea I have it, because I was in her room with out asking her, However if I was to ask her if I could go in her room she would yell and scream at me and tell me to get out :( I KNOW I KNOW, she was a mean older sister :( ) and start playing in my fort! :)

After this, I would set back there and say "ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT", I would keep on repeating this word over and over again. Why you ask? Well I thought the word "Armpit" was a dirty/curse word.



SITS Girls said...

Welcome to SITS!!!

We are thrilled to have you join the SITStahood!

See you in roll call!

feather k said...

woo hoo! you are now a SITS girl!!! oh...ARMPIT! I just felt like yelling that... ha!

jori-o said...

haha! Armpit! dirty word! That is VERY clever with the box fan...I'm totally going to bust that puppy out next time my kids build a fort. They'll think I'm brilliant. Thanks for stopping by! (And welcome to SITS!)

Grand Pooba said...

Ha! Armpit is a dirty word, not sure it's a curse word though. Maybe in some countries :)

Thanks for visitin me! SITS is the shits! I think that does count as a dirty curse word, sorry I just thought I should teach a REAL one.