Monday, November 10, 2008

Jo's Jacket

So let me give you a little bit of background on this subject... Jo goes to Chicago 3 weeks out of a month. And he has recently been told that it is so cold @ Chi-Town that your snot freezes (gross I know). So he said he needed a new coat. We have been going to a lot of different places trying to find a coat that would fit him (he is a big guy).

So we walk into Casual Male and this is this conversation, one of many that just make me laugh...

Jo - I hope I find a good coat here
Me - Me too, (as we walk up to a rack of jackets)
Me - This one looks good and it is only $79.99.
Jo - Yeah (kind of frowning at the look of the jacket) but I don't know if it will with Hold the winds and coldness of Chicago
Me - Yeah thats true... Oh wait it says here it is Wind and Rain resistant (showing him the tag that says "Wind and Rain Resistant")
Jo - Oh thats cool, oh look at this one, its pretty cool (looking at a different coat on the same rack of of coats that I found the orginal one for only $79.99 )
Me - Oh yeah that one is cool (still not even looking to see if it would be the same price as the orginal coat I looked at)
Jo - but it feels kind of lite, I don't know if it will be good in chi-Town
Me - Oh it has the same tag "Wind and Rain Resistant", go on ahead and try it on
Jo - Okay, (he tries 5X on, because at all the other stores 5X is the
size that would fit him, however...)

Me - That one looks to big try on a 4X (mean while Jo tries on the 4X Jacket) Is that one to big also? here try on this 3XLT..
Jo - K, wouldn't that be crazy if a 3X fits?
Me - yeah that would be crazy...
Jo - yeah it fits pretty good, it doesn't feel to tight, I don't know how it would feel if i set down...
Me - Oh there is a stool right there, set on it..
Jo sets down and says... - Are you sure this is a 3X? (he looks at the tag and there we see it... the P-R-I-C-E T-A-G) This is $189.99 SARA...
Me - WHAT... (as I look at the tag to confirm what he told me) wow thats crazy
Jo - Did you not even look at the price tag, I thought you did, Man that just wasted so much of my time trying on these jackets, That makes me mad, Eugh NBELIEVABLE!

Me - Sorry I just looked at the orgianl coat price and just aSSUMED that they were all the same price... My bad...

T-H-E E-N-D!!!

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