Friday, November 21, 2008

Things you can only get away with saying at Thanksgiving

Received a cute email so I thought I would Share!

1. Talk about huge breasts!

2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

3. It's Cool Whip time!

4. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

5. That's one terrific spread!

6. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

7. Are you ready for seconds yet?

8. Its a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

9. Just wait your turn, you'll get some!

10. Don't play with your meat.

11. Just spread the legs open and stuff it in.

12. Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?

13. I didn't expect everyone to come at once!

14 You still have a little bit on your chin.

15. How long will it take after you stick it in?

16. You'll know it's ready when it pops up.

17. Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!

18. That's the biggest one I've ever seen!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Remember when I was little...

Well, I wasn't to little when I did this... Remember the movie Sister Act 2? Well about 1 minute and 39 seconds into the video above, there is a song she sings called "Do The Hustle". Well for some reason when I heard it I thought it was "Do the HOT TUB" :) So I would go around the house singing "Do The Hot tub, Do The Hot tub" and even would add some of the music after that! :) I will never live this down with my family they constantly remind me of it! :) That is okay though, everyone is bound to have a funny moment like this one time in their life!

So what is some of your "I thought the lyric was this and it was something else moments"

Monday, November 17, 2008

Check Your Dates....

Me - I know we said we wouldn't do this anymore but what do you want for dinner? And I will go to the store after dinner.
JO - (laughing) well, I was thinking about the $5 pizza and some bread sticks.
Me - We don't need bread sticks, what kind of pizza do you want?

This was my conversation on my way home from work. My husband and I have decided not to eat out as much in hopes of saving money for the holidays! And because I haven't went to the store yet. My husband asked if I wanted him to go with me. I said it was fine thinking nothing of it. And as I am in the grocery store, he wanted to be all up in my "Business", normally that is fine, but I was texting my cousin
Feather and he was wanting to know "What it was about? What I was saying? Who i was texting? Who called? If this is what I normally did when I went to the grocery store?" and asking all kinds of other questions. EUGH, it was driving me CRAZY!!! I guess it is because he doesn't normally go to the store with me, and I don't know what else it could be but tonight it was driving me bonkers! So anyway....
When we got home, I have decided to clean one room a night, (because we are having Thanksgiving at my house this year, and I think that will be a good plan to get the house clean Good Idea?) And because we were going grocery store shopping I figure the Kitchen would be the best place to start. Well every time we go grocery store shopping I clean out the refrigerator, get all the old "to go containers" out of the frig and what not. Well after this I moved to our cabinets where we keep our can/dry box food options. I was checking the expiration dates on everything and OMG we had a lot of items that needed to be thrown out. And I know I haven't checked the expiration dates sense beginning of the summer but MAN, I had something that was in there sense 2007! Isn't that crazy? Like how could I have missed that date before? LOL
So do your family a favor and check the box before you cook it! :) And if your husband hasn't been grocery shopping with you in a long time, and he wants to go, tell him maybe next time LOL!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Confessions!!!

Stole this idea from Jenny and Feather (Feather actually stole it from Jenny) So here goes...

1. I have needed to clean my entire house before today and I still haven't cleaned it. I need to ban myself from the "blog" but I can't help it. I will clean right after this post! :)

2. I have been some what mad at my husband because he calls me so late at night (right now he is in CHI-TOWN) and I am really nice to him during the day but not very nice at night :( And I don't know why I am really short with him at night, maybe its because I want him to call me earlier? who knows... (sorry JO love ya)

3. At work we are getting new carpet in our offices, a library, and two classrooms. So we had to move everything all out of our offices, into an empty building down the sidewalk, (kind of hard to explain) BUT now I am so tired, because I helped move 13 HUGE fire proof 4 deep filing cabinets that was filled with FILES. Also helped move huge desk (they were empty though), chairs, books, book shelfs. MAN AM I TIRED, and I got to leave work early (shh don't tell anyone).

4. I have a lot of work to do on Monday! (eugh don't want to)

5. OH I am getting a consultation on Wednesday to get my eye liner permanently tattoo'd on! I am super excited! :)

6. I just now had to google on how to spell the word "Permanently" :)

7. I really need to clean, but I do not want to.

8. shoot, I need to run and pay my house payment, it is due today.

9. I was really good this week at lunch time, I brought my lunch ALL week long! :)

10. I wasn't good today because I had a BIG-O Indian Taco, and almost ate it all... (BLECH I am still SO FULL)

11. I am glad to be apart of SITS!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When I was little I remember...(part 2)

I would set up a fort in my living room, behind the couch.

And this iswhat I needed to build my fort...
  1. A big flat sheet
  2. books (so the flat sheet would not fall down
  3. All of your stuffed animals from your room
  4. A box fan
  5. dinning room table chair
  6. Blanket to put on the carpet
  7. Tunes :)

So I manivored the flat sheet to stay on the back of the couch by stuffing it down into some cushions, and the couch was infront of the fire place so I put the other side of the sheet on the fireplace and put books on it so it wouldn't fall down. (are you still with me) After this I would grab a chair from the dinning room and put it at one opening of my "fort" and place the box fan on it and turn the fan on.... Now I have something going on. My fort is now being held up (or some what held up) with the air coming from the box fan. (You don't have to tell me I already knew I was a very smart and creative kid)

So I grabbed a blanket and placed it on the floor because it was my "carpet". And now I am off to my room to grab all of my stuffed animals, before my mom knew what I was doing. I hurried and placed them under my fort. After that, I grab a radio and put a cassett tape in (that I took from my sisters room but she doesn't have any idea I have it, because I was in her room with out asking her, However if I was to ask her if I could go in her room she would yell and scream at me and tell me to get out :( I KNOW I KNOW, she was a mean older sister :( ) and start playing in my fort! :)

After this, I would set back there and say "ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT, ARMPIT", I would keep on repeating this word over and over again. Why you ask? Well I thought the word "Armpit" was a dirty/curse word.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When I was little, I remember...

When I was about 7-9 years old, my mother and I was at our local grocery store. She was talking to an African American man that she used to work with by the meat counter. Now me being young and naive and just plain not knowing that much, I just had to do some testing. Now what you may ask was I testing. I had this theory in my head that if you were to touch an African American person that you would turn that same color. (FYI I do not know why I thought this, but I did, please do not judge me I was a little kid OKAY J ) So to get on with my story, I had one arm on the "edge" of the meat counter, (you know where they keep meat cold, and it is kind of boxed around the meat, well I was swinging or rocking back and forth on that "edge"). And while she was talking to this gentleman, I just had to test this “theory” out. So I do what any 7-9 year old does and starts swinging/rocking with one hand still holding on to the counters edge back and forth trying to touch his hand, but I had to touch it soft so he wouldn’t ever know that I was actually touching his hand. I finally touch it and run off to hide so no one can see me, to see if my hand/fingers ever turn any color, and of course they never did. But I just had to try this more times. You know to see if it will ever work. And nope never did, always failed, (I wonder why LOL).

So this is one of many memories that I remember growing up. More to come! Again please don’t judge!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jo's Jacket

So let me give you a little bit of background on this subject... Jo goes to Chicago 3 weeks out of a month. And he has recently been told that it is so cold @ Chi-Town that your snot freezes (gross I know). So he said he needed a new coat. We have been going to a lot of different places trying to find a coat that would fit him (he is a big guy).

So we walk into Casual Male and this is this conversation, one of many that just make me laugh...

Jo - I hope I find a good coat here
Me - Me too, (as we walk up to a rack of jackets)
Me - This one looks good and it is only $79.99.
Jo - Yeah (kind of frowning at the look of the jacket) but I don't know if it will with Hold the winds and coldness of Chicago
Me - Yeah thats true... Oh wait it says here it is Wind and Rain resistant (showing him the tag that says "Wind and Rain Resistant")
Jo - Oh thats cool, oh look at this one, its pretty cool (looking at a different coat on the same rack of of coats that I found the orginal one for only $79.99 )
Me - Oh yeah that one is cool (still not even looking to see if it would be the same price as the orginal coat I looked at)
Jo - but it feels kind of lite, I don't know if it will be good in chi-Town
Me - Oh it has the same tag "Wind and Rain Resistant", go on ahead and try it on
Jo - Okay, (he tries 5X on, because at all the other stores 5X is the
size that would fit him, however...)

Me - That one looks to big try on a 4X (mean while Jo tries on the 4X Jacket) Is that one to big also? here try on this 3XLT..
Jo - K, wouldn't that be crazy if a 3X fits?
Me - yeah that would be crazy...
Jo - yeah it fits pretty good, it doesn't feel to tight, I don't know how it would feel if i set down...
Me - Oh there is a stool right there, set on it..
Jo sets down and says... - Are you sure this is a 3X? (he looks at the tag and there we see it... the P-R-I-C-E T-A-G) This is $189.99 SARA...
Me - WHAT... (as I look at the tag to confirm what he told me) wow thats crazy
Jo - Did you not even look at the price tag, I thought you did, Man that just wasted so much of my time trying on these jackets, That makes me mad, Eugh NBELIEVABLE!

Me - Sorry I just looked at the orgianl coat price and just aSSUMED that they were all the same price... My bad...

T-H-E E-N-D!!!