Monday, August 25, 2008

Heritage the Dawg....

So I am on my way home from work, just about to pull out onto I-35 service road and I see Karen, a girl I work with, bending down trying to get this dog to come to her. So I back up and pull up to see how she doing, she said the dog has been there all day. Seriously he looks so sad, he has cuts on him and you can tell he is starving, he also had a tight chain on him :(. And he is a "red nose" pit bull. (I didn't know there was a difference in pit bulls but Carlos said there was. Carlos is a dude at work) Per the last statment Carlos stops on his way home and tries to get the dog to come to him also not working. This dog is really scared to death and wasn't treated well.

So Karen goes and buys some food at 7-11, puts some down to see if he will eat and then eventually come to her but nope he didn't want to. Eventually after about 20-30 minutes the dog finally comes to me, I gain his trust. I am super excited about it and Carlos/Karen get the chain off from around his neck and he starts jumping around being all excited. TOTAL 100% change than what we had seen previously.

So Karen ask some students if they know anyone that is able to take home a dog, and we found one. THANKS CHRIS! He is going to keep us updated on what his name is going to be. (I suggested Heritage because Karen found him at our work Heritage College, but that is a negative, LOL Karen didn't like it!)

So we saved a dog, AWESOME JOB KAREN AND CARLOS!!!


feather k said... you guys do have hearts :)...way to go!

Jamie said...

Did he find a new forever home? Congrats on gaining his trust. It really upsets me when people do stuff like that....there are no bad dogs just bad owners!