Sunday, August 17, 2008

$5 for 3 Movies WHAT?????

Last night I went along with some family to the drive in movie theater... Winchester Drive In. Much to my surprise it is bigger than you think, and the quality of the picture isn't bad. Of course we had to rely on our cars for sound... so that meant our cars had to be on the position that still used battery and we had hoped that it wouldn't run down the battery. So other than that it was pretty fun! We had a line of people setting in front of our vehicles and no-one wanted to park in front of us, (there was two parking spots available in front of us) I guess we scared them! :) Also 2 out of 3 movies that was playing I had already seen...
  1. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor aka The Mummy 3, it was alright... I didn't really pay that much attention to it, you could really tell they used Computer Graphics in it A LOT, I like it when you can't really tell the use of CG in a movie even though you know it is there!
  2. The Dark Knight: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Movie it is a MUST SEE on the Big Screen Heath Ledger did an UNBELIEVABLE job in this movie... So sad he is no longer alive to do more joker parts he was incredible! (A++)
  3. Step Brothers: This is the best movie ever. You have to go see this movie! It is so funny, my cousin and I repeat/act out a lot of the scenes in this movie. IT is so freakin funny! You have to go watch it, although the curse words are bad, but still a great/funny movie! (A++)

So all in all $5 for 3 movies NOT BAD!!! I would like to go again some time soon!

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