Saturday, August 30, 2008

WEEK 2 WEIGH IN...8/30/8

Today @10:00am I had my week 2 weigh in and the big news is....

DOWN 8.4 LBS!!!! :)

I am so excited! :) So please continue to pray for me. :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Heritage the Dawg....

So I am on my way home from work, just about to pull out onto I-35 service road and I see Karen, a girl I work with, bending down trying to get this dog to come to her. So I back up and pull up to see how she doing, she said the dog has been there all day. Seriously he looks so sad, he has cuts on him and you can tell he is starving, he also had a tight chain on him :(. And he is a "red nose" pit bull. (I didn't know there was a difference in pit bulls but Carlos said there was. Carlos is a dude at work) Per the last statment Carlos stops on his way home and tries to get the dog to come to him also not working. This dog is really scared to death and wasn't treated well.

So Karen goes and buys some food at 7-11, puts some down to see if he will eat and then eventually come to her but nope he didn't want to. Eventually after about 20-30 minutes the dog finally comes to me, I gain his trust. I am super excited about it and Carlos/Karen get the chain off from around his neck and he starts jumping around being all excited. TOTAL 100% change than what we had seen previously.

So Karen ask some students if they know anyone that is able to take home a dog, and we found one. THANKS CHRIS! He is going to keep us updated on what his name is going to be. (I suggested Heritage because Karen found him at our work Heritage College, but that is a negative, LOL Karen didn't like it!)

So we saved a dog, AWESOME JOB KAREN AND CARLOS!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the beginning of something new...

So as of Saturday I joined Weight Watchers. I have never joined it before and I believe that going to the meetings each week is just the support I need!

So what this means is I am going to keep track of everything I eat/exercise. So I am very excited about this adventure...

This is my second day on WW and I am on the core plan which is 20 points per day... (I cheated today and yesterday) I know not good when I just started yesterday! HA!

I will keep you updated on my weight loss..

NEXT WEIGH IN 08/30/08

The Headlight is O-U-T!!!!

me - Oh yeah the envoy headlight is out

Joe - Oh man which one?

me - the passenger side

Joe - Is it the whole head light?

me - WHAT?

Joe - Is the whole head light out?


Joe - Is it the whole head light, like partly out?

me - I have no idea, the headlight is out, I didn't know if there could be part headlight out, all I know is that the head light is out.

Joe - So you don't know if the whole head light is out?


you gotta love him...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

$5 for 3 Movies WHAT?????

Last night I went along with some family to the drive in movie theater... Winchester Drive In. Much to my surprise it is bigger than you think, and the quality of the picture isn't bad. Of course we had to rely on our cars for sound... so that meant our cars had to be on the position that still used battery and we had hoped that it wouldn't run down the battery. So other than that it was pretty fun! We had a line of people setting in front of our vehicles and no-one wanted to park in front of us, (there was two parking spots available in front of us) I guess we scared them! :) Also 2 out of 3 movies that was playing I had already seen...
  1. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor aka The Mummy 3, it was alright... I didn't really pay that much attention to it, you could really tell they used Computer Graphics in it A LOT, I like it when you can't really tell the use of CG in a movie even though you know it is there!
  2. The Dark Knight: AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Movie it is a MUST SEE on the Big Screen Heath Ledger did an UNBELIEVABLE job in this movie... So sad he is no longer alive to do more joker parts he was incredible! (A++)
  3. Step Brothers: This is the best movie ever. You have to go see this movie! It is so funny, my cousin and I repeat/act out a lot of the scenes in this movie. IT is so freakin funny! You have to go watch it, although the curse words are bad, but still a great/funny movie! (A++)

So all in all $5 for 3 movies NOT BAD!!! I would like to go again some time soon!