Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Procrastination.. Its my Husbands Fault

PartyLite 'Party'

Yes I am hosting a PartyLite Candle Party at my house on Sunday. So that means that I am cleaning all this week on my house! Sounds like fun huh? Although, why is it that when I am cleaning I always end up doing something else. Like just now, Why am I writing a blog when i should be cleaning? Well lets think about how I ended up on the computer... Oh Yes, I was cleaning off the bar in my kitchen and ran across Stereo Headphones that my husband bought for his work, well... I was about to throw the box away and noticed that they had a warranty sheet, so I decided to go on the computer and fill out the warranty information. Well when I pulled up the website it was saying that I had to put the product was defective, (which it wasn't) so I just decided to forget about it, wasn't worth my time. So that led me to look at blogs, and I found a survey that I filled out and posted. And so that led me to posting another blog about putting my cleaning off. And then my aunt Lorie called and had me look up stuff on Big Brother, which by the way Sharon got voted off and Ryan won the first HOH comp.. And now I need to clean and organize info... so all in all it all started with my husband so IT IS HIS FAULT!

So I am off now! NO MORE PUTTING STUFF OFF FOR ME...well unless i get another phone call or if something brings me back to the computer HAHA...

Oh and if you are interested about coming to my PartyLite 'Party' email me and I will give you the information... sarancoleman@gmail.com

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